Arkom’dan Buderus yoğuşmalı kombiler

Kocaeli Buderus Kombi

Sıcak, mutlu ve konforlu yuvalar için çözümler sunan Buderus, kullanıcıların içini ısıtacak indirim kampanyasıyla dikkatleri çekiyor.

Kullanım ömrü dolmuş kombilerini değiştirmek ya da doğalgaza yeni kombi almak isteyenler, 15 Mayıs – 30 Haziran tarihleri arasında, Arkom ‘dan  Buderus Yoğuşmalı Kombiler‘e 400 TL’ye varan indirim avantajıyla sahip olabiliyorlar. Yoğuşma teknolojisiyle %109 oranında verimliliğe sahip olan Buderus Yoğuşmalı Kombiler, tam emniyet sistemiyle güvenli işletim sağlamasının yanı sıra, modülasyonlu fanı ile enerji verimliliği, artırılmış kapasitesiyle de yüksek sıcak su konforu sağlıyor.

Dijital ön paneli ile arıza tespitinde bulunabilen Buderus Yoğuşmalı Kombiler, düşük ses seviyesiyle de dikkat çekiyor.

Buderus Yoğuşmalı Kombiler, kampanya süresi boyunca, 400 TL’ye varan indirimin yanı sıra, Kredi kartlarına  peşin fiyatına 6 taksit avantajıyla sunuluyor. Kampanya hakkında detaylı bilgi Buderus Yetkilli Bayisi Arkom Kombi ve Klima Teknik Servisi – 0262 331 15 69 ve adresinden  alınabiliyor.

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  52. Miika,Thank you so much for your comments. I too am hopeful that other bands will do the same thing – it is a powerful learning tool for students. With so many restrictions placed on popular music today from US Copyright Law, this is a great example of legal mixing and mashing for students.James

  53. That’s it exactly. I figure that when it comes to the snacks and things like the occasional pizza, as long as I’ve generally packed healthy things in their lunchboxes, I don’t need to stress over them having 2 Nilla Wafers with their friends after playground time. Won’t buy them to have at home, but not going to restrict them majorly at school — otherwise, I think as they get older, you might start to see them rebelling because you’ve declared things “off limits” all the way.

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  66. Hi Greg! I agree with everything you say. I mean, when someone watches porn, he/she (generally) does it in private… so it shouldn’t be a problem for the rest of the people. Cool video!Greetings from Argentina Ps: I love your hair

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  68. Yes, good points one and all. I think that's a very interesting reflection, Charlie – the up side of all this is that at least we are seeing a different strata of history. Talking of which, the 'Dirt' exhibition at The Wellcome Foundation is interesting. I realised I know far too much about dirt already to learn an awful lot but I still found it very thought-provoking and would recommend it – especially as its free, appropriately enough.

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  94. It’s a challenge in the modern world, to develop sources of meaning that aren’t supplied by religion or social convention. In many ways, you have to develop your own internal sense of meaning, and many people find that a daunting task.There’s some heat in your response, Greg … or am I mis-reading it?

  95. so true…i have to say i think i am very indifferent without realizing it.i think i forgave and think im over it only for at a later time to let it come back to my mind..i appreciate your lack of caps.

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  117. Stuart, I'm sorry I missed this post when it first came out…One question I have: How do I know that looking at only male employment trends is meaningful? The last few decades have seen tremendous social changes with regard to gender. What have female employment trends been? Same trend or different? What is the employment trend for both sexes? It seems to me that if you're comparing robots to humans, you ought to look at all humans.

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  123. Ah, the best and truest line I’ve read in a long time from “Laz” above: “PS: Woog, you don’t have to sire them to have a parental influence, which you already know.” Thanks, Dan, for influencing so many Staples kids in a positive way.

  124. salamsaya rasa elok kita pergi berarak ramai2 kat JBA Kuatan tu.. baru dia tahu siapakah penyokong PR sebenarnya.. lagipun org Kuantan kan tak bkesempatan nak berdemo dan disimbah renjisan air dari FRU tempohari kan..Kauantan dalam kenanagan St. Thomas School tempat yg dikenang .. hello org Kuantan..salam

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